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John Anderson For over fifteen years, motivational storyteller, cultural historian , vocalist Br. John has been dazzling audiences of all ages throughout the United States and the Caribbean with his unique interactive stage presentations.  Whether it's a festival, church or a classroom, Br. John is sure to have you moving and vibing to an enthusiastic, learning groove.
Susan Bravo In 1995, Susan A. Bravo became a storyteller, by accident.  Susan is known for the variety of stories and programs she has for children, churches and seniors (citizens, that is).  Her husband is Peruvian and she has adapted that heritage and turned it into a very successful program - VAMOS A PERU - for people of all ages.
Larry Brown Dr. Larry G. Brown is Assistant Professor of Geography at the University of Missouri-Columbia.  Larry has been telling for approximately 30 years, cofounder and current co-president of the Mid-Missouri Organization for Storytelling (MOST), current member of the Board of the National Storytelling Network (NSN), and past-president of the Storytelling in Higher Education (SHE) Special Interest Group of NSN.  He tells to all ages and is known for original Jack Tales, Chicken Sagas, and mystery stories.  Larry was a featured teller at the 2011 Nebraska Storytelling Festival, the 2010 St. Louis Storytelling Festival, the  2008 Wilderness Road Festival, and the 2007 Kansas City Storytelling Celebration.
Dianne Cox Diane Cox believes in the power of the spoken word and how it connects with people, painting pictures that only the mind can savor.  She is seldom at a loss for words as she shares folktales and life stories.  A school librarian from Omaha, NE, she is known to her students as Mrs. Cox in Purple Socks (or whatever outlandish socks she can find to wear).  She has been telling stories as long as she can remember, and loves the fact that people now actually ask her to tell them.  She is a long time member and past president of OOPS (Omaha Organization for the Purpose of Storytelling) and a member of RAPS.  She has been site director, creative director and co-instructor for past Nebraska StoryArts' Storytelling Camps.
Rosie Best-Cutrer  (Rosemary Cutrer) Lifelong Kansas resident Rosie Best-Cutrer has been telling in schools, libraries and festivals throughout the Midwest for the past 17 years.  Last fall she made her international debut; telling in libraries and schools in Ireland.  A former elementary school teacher, Rosie tells folktales, stories based on literature and has written numerous original stories and songs which she loves to share.  To learn more, visit her website at:
Denise Dodd Denise has taught K-4th grade for 30 years, co-sponsored storytelling clubs for grades 3-5, done storytelling workshops and shared stories with various groups around the K.C. area.  She has loved telling stories to her kindergarten classes throughout the years and teaching them how to tell their own stories.  She also enjoys swimming, sewing, quilting and other crafts.
Becky Everly As an educator-storyteller-presenter, Becky Everly demonstrates the joys and benefits of effective oral language and exciting oral tradition.  She facilitates the development of language skills for presentations and stories through workshops and clubs with children, parents, and teachers.  Her wonderful experiences as a wife, mother, grandmother, classroom teacher, and nurse are carried with her wherever she ventures!
Sue Godsey Sue Godsey is a teacher of theatre, speech and English.  She has great enthusiasm for people, truth, and humor, which is evident in her storytelling performances.  Sue has performed in libraries, schools and festivals in Missouri and Texas for 20 years.  She has coached young tellers to success in the National Storytelling Olympics and continues to work with young people on developing their stories.  She comes to Kansas City from the Piney Woods of Texas, y'all.
Geneva Greenfield Geneva Greenfield loves to tell all kinds of stories.  She tells folktales, slavery stories and ghost stories.  She also tells Teddy Bear tales to all ages.  Her stories are filled with laughter and tears, and she specializes in customized programs.
Melva Hargett Melva Hargett has delighted audiences over the years with her stories that make you laugh, make you shiver, and make you think.  She tells folktales and fairytales from many different countries.  She has stories for every age and every audience.
Sandra Sue Hinkel Telling for 31 years, local, statewide and a little nationally.  Member of St. Louis Gateway, MO-TELL, RAPS, and Riverwind.  Assistant Director of St. Louis Storytelling Festival, telling with festival for 31 years, featured twice, on the planning committee for approximately twenty years.  Teach storytelling at St. Charles Community College for three years and UMSL for fifteen years.
Jo Ho Jo Ho is an accomplished storyteller, actress, and dedicated drama instructor throughout the greater Kansas City area.  This year marks 23 years of storytelling for Jo.  In September of 2010, Jo was selected as an Alumni Fellow for the Department of Fine and Performing Arts-Music at Dickinson State University, Dickinson, North Dakota.  She was honored because of her demonstrated excellence in her field.
Priscilla Howe Priscilla travels the US and abroad (Brazil, Peru, Germany, Bulgaria, Mexico and Belgium, to date) with a bag full of puppets and a headful of stories.  Her favorite audience is the one in front of her at the moment.  A full-time storyteller since 1993 and a former librarian, Priscilla lives in Kansas City, Kansas with her cat, Francis Bacon.  She's also searching for the best restaurant pie on earth.
Daniel Jones Dan Jones could not fit a word in any shape or from into his family's dinnertime chatter. He wanted to stay polite, and thus, he grew from a "would've/should've-said-kid" into a storyteller.  His university training in acting and dance, lets him enhance his original and adapted stories. He lives in a house fashioned by his hands in the woods of northeast Texas where he writes short stories, poems, songs and plays. He talks to his trees.
Barbara Kellogg Barbara Kellogg has been telling stories since 1995. and has worked in the business world leading seminars and workshops, as well as inside sales and marketing.  Her greatest joy is in storytelling.  Stories from "aha to amen".  Stories that cause you to pause...reflect.  Stories that make you laugh and maybe cry.  Her stories come from real life experiences and much-loved children's stories.  Her storytelling avocation began over ten years ago and extends to children, retirement homes and church audiences.
Marilyn Kinsella Since 1981, Marilyn Kinsella from Fairview Heights, IL, has been telling stories.  She started while teaching school in the Metro-St. Louis area.  Her collection of stories has grown from a handful to hundreds of stories including personal experiences, folk tales, literary stories and historical tales.  Her style has been described as "animated."  She uses "word imaging" to color enhance the story.  She travels extensively telling her stories.  Her main area for telling includes the St. Louis area and the Southern Illinois region but she has been known to tell stories "to the four corners."
Gary Kuntz Gary has been telling stories for over ten years.  He tells all types of stories, including humorous, inspirational and personal.  He tells to all types of audiences, preschool thru senior citizen.
Tim Manson Tim has a fun and easy-to-understand way of telling a story.  His real-life attitude and lively sense of humor are evident in the stories he tells to young and old alike.  He uses voice, movement and humor to deliver his stories from Grimm fairytales and literature.
Jamie Mayo Jamie Mayo is a storyteller and librarian who enjoys connecting people of all ages with the power and magic of stories.  She is particularly fond of trickster and historical tales and scary stories.
Margaret Meyers Philosopher, storyteller, mother, grandmother, Margaret Meyers has traveled many roads.  On the journey, Margaret found the truth about story: that it imparts deep wisdom in a way that captivates both adults and children.  Honoring the many great storytellers who were her teachers and all storytellers around the world and through the years., she tells stories with love for the work and for the world.
Mike Micham Mike has been a musician and natural storyteller for more than 20 years now.  He cut his teeth entertaining at a little place called Rawhide in Arizona.  Then, along with his wife Nancee, honed his comedic and musical talents spending 13 years with Silver Dollar City in Missouri.  His hilarious antics on stage leaves people wondering just what is going on in his brain at times.  He loves working on his farm and performing, so that makes him a perfarmer!!!
Nancee Walker-Micham Nancee Walker-Micham has a strong theater background and has been acting since high school.  Her talents led her to character work at Silver Dollar City in Missouri and that led her into storytelling as an art form.  She loves to tell to children and sharing the stage with her husband as they perform traditional folk music (among other styles of music).  They both interweave story and song with lots of laughter.
Marcia Ollinger Marcia Ollinger is a former primary school teacher who was inspired to become a storyteller after attending the St. Louis Storytelling  Festival in 1985.  She tells traditional folktales from around the world, American, original, and holiday stories to all age groups in schools, churches, libraries, parks and retirement centers with great enthusiasm.
Steve Otto Steve is a full-time professional storyteller.  His stories include Ozark tales, Jack tales, historical and literacy stories. He tells to all age groups from nursery school to nursing homes. Workshops and seminars are his specialty!
Roger Rose Roger Rose mines the treasure trove of literature and folklore for nuggets of story which he refines and polishes for telling.  He has been an active teller in the St. Louis area for many years and was featured at the St. Louis Storytelling Festival in 1994.  The walking stick which is his trademark and talisman was made by roger's father from the woody stem of a saguaro cactus.
Carole Shelton Carole Shelton is an educator, storyteller, author, and workshop presenter.  She tells a variety of stories for all age groups and first person portrayals of historical women.  Her stories and characters come alive and she encourages audience participation.  Carole believes stories have the ability to inspire, empower, and open worlds of possibilities for the listener and the teller.
Nancy Shelton Nancy tells a variety of types of stories incorporating puppets and props with preschool and younger elementary students.  Since retirement, she tells in schools, preschools, senior centers and at local southwest Missouri festivals.  She coordinates activities for the Springfield based Storytellers of the Ozarks.
Joyce Slater Joyce is a Kansas City gal.  She's been telling stories all of her life so it was only natural that she would become a professional storyteller.  She has some good ol' fashioned tales she tells as well as some new fangled ones.  She likes to make up a story or tell a personal tale about growing up in KC.  She will never turn down a chance to tell a ghost story thought, so watch out.  She loves telling a tale, no matter what the age group.  Pre-school through adults, she has a story bag filled with tales for all and workshops for most.  She combines her artistic skills with her teaching skills in her wide range of stories.
Kathy Smith Kathy has been telling stories for over ten years.  Her stories include folk tales, fairy tales, adaptations of children's literature and participatory stories.  She has told to a variety of audiences ranging from preschool to senior citizens.
Jim Stigall Jim has been a storyteller since 1975.  He prefers telling to preschool and elementary.  He tells fairy tales, ghost stories, nonsense stories, and personal stories.
Deb Swanegan Deb, a "born storyteller," as determined by her grandfather, combines her African American, Native American Cherokee, Hebrew and Scots-Irish cultural heritages to bring life to the stories she was told as a child, and to those she has since heard or witnessed. She has brightened the lives of thousands with her charismatic performance of traditional and non-traditional stories at hospitals, resorts, schools, universities, conferences, churches, libraries, parks, club meetings, museums and on radio and television.  Deb is also an Art educator, lecturer, workshop facilitator, master teacher, seminar leader, writer, actor and a past Missouri Commissioner for Community Service.
Sharon Thompson Sharon Thompson is a former president of St. Louis Gateway Storytellers.  She is a board member of MO-TELL and a member of Riverwinds and RAPS.  She has delightful, captivating programs for all ages.   Myths, fairytales, folktales, and audience participation, humorous stories about other cultures and stories for holidays are all part of her repertoire.
Dianna Waite A fascination with her Cajun and Creole relatives of southern Louisiana led Dianna Waite to begin collecting stories of the region.  Through her storytelling, she brings to life the culture of this unique region of our country.
Jim Two Crows Wallen Jim comes from a long line of storytellers.  He tells stories from history, both his own and American.  He tells Cherokee stories from his own history and Santa Fe Trail stories from American history.
LaRita Wright LaRita features stories, songs and rhymes of animals that are appropriate for preschoolers to second grade.  She enjoys seeing children using their imagination while listening to a story.
Karen Young Karen Young's stories are for the "young at heart and ancient in spirit." Her vivid character portrayals from history and folklore, as well as stories told in the voices from many lands and times, entertain and educate audiences anywhere people are willing to sit a' spell and hear a story well told.  A professional storyteller since 1992, Karen has been featured at storytelling events throughout the Midwest and is a teaching artist with Springboard of St. Louis and the Center of Contemporary Art (COCA).
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