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MCC-Blue River
Campus Life & Leadership

Arts and Sciences, room 113:

Campus Life and Leadership

Blue River offers a variety of activities and organizations.

Your participation is valuable to us and we encourage you to take an active part in campus life.

Clubs & Organizations @ Blue River

SAC provides social, cultural, and educational activities as well as leadership opportunities for students.

Advisor: Richard Monroe and Eli Jacobs, both at 816.604.6635

Phi Theta Kappa is the international honor society of two-year colleges. Students are invited to join after attaining an overall 3.5 GPA in 12 hours of college credit, but may also participate in activities as provisional members until they become eligible for membership. Active members have opportunities to develop leadership skills, participate in academic enrichment activities, and develop friendships with fellow Phi Theta Kappa members from all over the country. Membership also qualifies students for many transfer scholarships reserved for Phi Theta Kappa members.

Advisor: Dee Mathison at 816.604.6478 or Stacey McMillen at 816.604.6954

Student Ambassadors are representatives of the student body and hosts to college visitors. Ambassadors work with faculty, staff, students, and the community to promote MCC-Blue River.

Advisor: Mallory Mitchell at 816.604.6532

The goals of the Science Club are to provide students with discussions of scientific topics, study groups, and scientific presentations. Students will also promote the sciences by speaking to local schools and by holding science fairs.

Advisor: Medhi Borhan at 816.604.6677

Christian Challenge is a campus ministry at Blue River. Challenge is all about students helping students follow Jesus. Interested in receiving text updates on Challenge news & events? Text "ChallengeMe" (without the quotes) to 781.728.9542.

Advisor: Stephanie Ford

The club meets to socialize and share online gaming activities and experiences.

Advisor: Dee Mathison at 816.604.6478

This choir is composed of students taking choir for credit as well as community choir members. The choir meets Tuesday evenings 7:15-9:00 p.m. The choir is involved in various performances throughout the year.

Advisor: Dr. Rebecca Johnson at 816.604.6508

The club meets to provide information, resources, and opportunities that introduce students to the world of healthcare.

Advisor: Shari Harden at 816.604.6667

This club aims to provide a safe space for members to discuss issues of diversity, to promote acceptance for others with differing sexual orientations, and to educate the community.

Advisor: Cynthia Heddlesten at 816.604.6665

This club’s goals are to accumulate a group of students willing to speak about or share any interest of passion they might have, as well as to encourage a stronger connection between students and their local, regional, global, and cultural surroundings. The club also encourages public engagement and activity.

Advisor: Jeff Witt at 816.604.6704

The club provides support for veterans to talk about the transition from military to civilian life and raises awareness at MCC-Blue River about what it is like to serve in the military.

Advisor: David Collins at 816.604.6648

The purpose of the hacky sack club is to provide opportunities for students to meet new people on campus (other students, staff, and faculty), to have a greater sense of belonging while developing a new skill, and to have fun! The Hacky Sack Society will be visible to others on campus, which will hopefully contribute to a fun and welcoming campus culture. Anyone is welcome to join in the hack circle!

Advisor: Adriana Paez at 816.604.6568

Last Modified: 11/17/17