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Speech and Drama

SPDR 102 - Fundamentals of Human Communication (3 credits)

Prerequisite: ENGL 30 or appropriate placement test score. An introductory course in the process of human communication, covering the basic forms of public speaking as well as topics in interpersonal communication, which may include small group dynamics and interviewing. Practical application of speaking and listening skills.

4 session(s) offered. Select a location:


Class # 21955Instructor: Kittie Harden Session: Meets 01/13/14-05/12/14
LectureTime: 9:30A-10:45ADays: MWLocation: LA 102 
Class # 34546Instructor: Kittie Harden Session: Meets 1st 8 weeks
LectureTime: 8:00A-9:15ADays: MWLocation: LA 104Dates: 01/13/14-03/07/14
NotesAbove class meets 1st 8 weeks: 1/13 - 3/7 combines classroom and online learning includes final exam. Add'l fees may apply. Please visit for more information.
Class # 34142Instructor: Bill Cue Session: Meets 01/13/14-05/12/14
LectureTime: 1:30P-2:45PDays: MWLocation: LA 106 
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