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Comp Science Info Sys

CSIS 115 - Introduction to Microcomputer Applications (3 credits)

Introduction to operation of computer software packages. Specific hands-on work with word processor, spreadsheet, database, and presentation software applications. Keyboarding experience and basic computer skills are recommended.

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Class # 15939Instructor: Jeannie Jones Session: Meets 01/13/14-05/12/14
LectureTime: 10:00A-10:50ADays: MWLocation: BU 207 
LabTime: 11:00A-11:50ADays: MWLocation: BU 207 
Class # 16224Instructor: Cindy Herbert Session: Meets 01/13/14-05/12/14
LectureTime: 9:00A-9:50ADays: TRLocation: BU 212 
LabTime: 10:00A-10:50ADays: TRLocation: BU 212 
NotesAbove class uses MS Office 2010 for PC'S.
Class # 15968Instructor: Jeannie Jones Session: Meets 01/13/14-05/12/14
LectureTime: 10:00A-10:50ADays: TRLocation: BU 207 
LabTime: 11:00A-11:50ADays: TRLocation: BU 207 
Class # 15978Instructor: Cindy Herbert Session: Meets 01/13/14-05/12/14
LectureTime: 11:00A-11:50ADays: TRLocation: BU 212 
LabTime: 12:00P-12:50PDays: TRLocation: BU 212 
Class # 15958Instructor: Jeannie Jones Session: Meets 01/13/14-05/12/14
LectureTime: 12:00P-12:50PDays: MWLocation: BU 207 
LabTime: 1:00P-1:50PDays: MWLocation: BU 207 
Class # 26750Instructor: Dave Herriman Session: Meets 01/13/14-05/12/14
LectureTime: 1:00P-1:50PDays: TRLocation: BU 207 
LabTime: 2:00P-2:50PDays: TRLocation: BU 207 
Class # 34048Instructor: Angela Uwaeke Session: Meets 01/13/14-05/12/14
LectureTime: 6:00P-7:40PDays: WLocation:  
LabTime: 7:50P-9:30PDays: WLocation:  
NotesClass held at Belton High School Freshman Center, 801 W. North Ave., Belton, MO.
Class # 15988Instructor: Tawni Boman Session: Meets 1st 8 weeks
LectureTime: 5:45P-8:35PDays: MLocation: BU 207Dates: 01/13/14-03/07/14
LabTime: TBADays: Location: Dates: 01/13/14-03/07/14
NotesAbove class meets 1st 8 weeks: 1/13 - 3/7 combines classroom and online learning uses MS Office 2010 for PC'S Add'l fees may apply. Please visit for more information.
Class # 15930Instructor: Rebekah Reece Session: Meets 01/13/14-05/12/14
LectureTime: 5:45P-7:25PDays: TLocation: BU 207 
LabTime: 7:35P-9:15PDays: TLocation: BU 207 
NotesClass uses MS Office 2010 for PC'S.

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