About Phi Theta Kappa


Membership Benefits

Scholarships & Transfer Resources

  • $36 million in transfer scholarships offered to Phi Theta Kappa members by more than 600 four-year colleges and universities
  • $130,000 in scholarships awarded annually by Phi Theta Kappa
  • Automatic inclusion in Phi Theta Kappa's new comprehensive transfer preparation program
  • Letters of recommendation sent to college admissions counselors

Recognition of Your Academic Achievement

  • Golden Key Membership Pin
  • Embossed Membership Certificate and Identification Card
  • Opportunity to wear the Phi Theta Kappa Honors Regalia (contingent on college policy)
  • Inclusion in The National Dean's List of outstanding college scholars
  • Press Release announcing membership

Career Resources

  • Access to Phi Theta Kappa's Career Resource Center
  • Opportunity for GS upgrade for federal employees
  • Letters of recommendation sent to potential employers
Last Modified: 9/19/11