Virtual Hospital

NCSBN - Official Site Participant

Metropolitan Community College - Penn Valley is a participating site in The National Simulation Study. This landmark, national study is evaluating the use of simulation in nursing education.

For questions about these healthcare training and consulting services, please contact the MCC Institute for Workforce Innovation to get in touch with a healthcare performance consultant.

Telephone: 816.604.1000

SSH: Society for Simulation in Healthcare - Accredited Program (Teaching/Education)

Virtual Hospital Experience


To facilitate the acquisition of skills and knowledge for efficient, safe, evidence based patient care through simulated healthcare experiences, and promote the need for life-long learning.

The Facility

HSI FacilityThe HSI's Virtual Hospital is a 10,000 sq. ft. healthcare simulation center that provides an unmatched learning environment for students studying nursing, emergency medical services, physical therapy and other healthcare disciplines. The suite includes:

  • Six learning areas that closely mimic hospital departments that provide a clinical environment for students and professionals to practice their skills
  • 15 incredibly life-like, computer-operated human patient simulators that mimic various patient scenarios, such as:
    • Trauma
    • Shock
    • Collapsed lung
    • Chest pain
    • Cardiac arrest
    • Pulmonary emboli
    • Asthmas
    • Neurological events
    • Obstetrical emergencies
    • Birth

...which allows students to practice such procedures as:

  • Intubation
  • Insertion of IV
  • Cardioversion
  • Lung decompression

Scheduling the Virtual Hospital Facility

  1. Virtual Hospital Policies (PDF)
  2. Scheduling Guidelines (PDF)
  3. Scheduling process for MCC Penn Valley Nursing and Allied Health Programs
  4. Scheduling process for External Schools
  5. Scheduling Options for the Virtual Hospital:

Department Contacts

  • Christy Gallaher, Virtual Hospital Program Specialist
  • Todd Geringer, Simulation Faculty
  • Liz Santander, Virtual Hospital Coordinator

To request more information about educational opportunities for your students or employees please contact the MCC-Penn Valley Virtual Hospital staff at

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