True-to-Life Education Suites

NCSBN - Official Site Participant

Metropolitan Community College - Penn Valley is a participating site in The National Simulation Study. This landmark, national study is evaluating the use of simulation in nursing education.

For questions about these healthcare training and consulting services, please contact the MCC Institute for Workforce Innovation to get in touch with a healthcare performance consultant.

Telephone: 816.604.1000

SSH: Society for Simulation in Healthcare - Accredited Program (Teaching/Education)

Emergency Medical Services(EMS)

In the EMS suite, real-life simulators make learning as real as possible. The suite includes:

  • A real car for practicing how to remove injured patients without causing further physical harm
  • A mock bar and convenience store for assessing and treating patients in low light, cluttered environments
  • An ambulance bay for practice with loading patients and providing in-depth evaluation and treatment
Last Modified: 12/21/11