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Tobacco-free Administrative Policy




5.10030 AP


5.10030 AP

The Metropolitan Community College (the college) is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all members and visitors of our community. In accordance with the Tobacco-Free Policy Statement, the procedures described here are those that will apply when students, employees, or visitors are in violation of the policy.

  1. Procedures

    Communication of this policy is the responsibility of the entire college community. Employees and students are encouraged to share the Tobacco-Free Policy with individuals who violate the policy. Smoking inside an automobile will not be considered a violation of the Tobacco-Free Policy. However, improperly discarding tobacco products or packaging on college premises will constitute a violation. The administration shall make information available to interested members of the college community regarding smoking cessation and other relevant programs.

    With prior approval of the campus president, theatre productions may be exempt from this policy when the use of simulated smoke or tobacco products is integral to a production or performance.

    The college's police department will issue a citation in the amount of $25.00 for each incident of smoking or tobacco use. In addition to receiving a citation from the college, students and employees may be subject to disciplinary action or code of conduct violations and additional fines that may be imposed under local or state guidelines.

    Compliance with the college's policies and procedures is considered a standard part of job performance for all employees. Repeated violation of this policy by employees may be addressed through discussions between the employee and his or her immediate supervisor, clarifying the Tobacco-Free Policy and helping the employee to develop a strategy for compliance with the Tobacco-Free Policy.

  2. Appeals

    Persons who feel they have received a smoking or tobacco use citation unjustly may appeal in writing to the college's police department.

Originated by: Chancellor's Office
Date: March 4, 2011 CPRC

Revisions: April 22, 2011 Chancellor's Office
Revisions: May 9, 2011 Chancellor's Office
Revisions: May 31,2011 Chancellor's Office
Revisions: June 14, 2011 Chancellor's Office