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MCC-Maple Woods Upsilon Xi Chapter Information

Phi Theta Kappa is the oldest and most prestigious honor society serving two-year colleges with an approximate membership of 1.5 million individuals across the United States and worldwide.

Its purpose is to recognize and encourage academic excellence among students of two-year colleges.

It also aims to promote individual growth through programs that provide leadership training, continual scholarship, fellowship among scholars, and service to the community. These are the hallmarks of Phi Theta Kappa.


Erin Lang
Ayanna Bridges
Mike Warren

Upsilon Xi Chapter Mission Statement

Our mission is to maintain the prestige of our chapter by getting directly involved with other chapters in our region to foster a united growth. We will hold awareness events and fundraising to local charities. We will educate potential members about the benefits of Phi Theta Kappa. We will consistently meet Pinnacle and Five Star Achievement Goals. We will focus on NHS Cooperative to extend service at the high school level. We will recognize academic excellence, as well as individual and team effort.

Creed of Upsilon Xi Chapter

The guiding principal of the Upsilon Xi Chapter is to provide Metropolitan Community College (MCC) students recognition and enhancement of academic excellence, to insure the highest degree of leadership training, to serve the community with unparalleled integrity and distinction, and to encourage fellowship within our membership by providing an intellectual atmosphere inspired by scholarly principles. To this, UX endeavors each other as brothers and sisters within the Chapter as well as with the international members of Phi Theta Kappa and challenges each to uphold the highest ideals and representation of our honor society. Membership in Upsilon Xi's Honor Society is a privilege bestowed upon those qualified scholars who have displayed a dedication of academic honor and service to our society and the surrounding communities. In the performance of Upsilon Xi's activities, truth shall be our quest, diligence our staff, and achievement our purpose.

Last Modified: 2/12/20