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FALL 2020
12-Weeks Start: September 15
Middle 8-Weeks Start: September 15
2nd 5-Weeks Start: September 24
2nd 8-Weeks Start: October 12
3rd 5-Weeks Start: October 30

MCC students have the advantage of taking these classes: shorter than full-semester classes in order to finish faster or earn more credits for seamless transfer to a university but at MCC's tuition rate.

Fast-track your way to graduation and a degree.

Quality instruction. Shorter time frame. Long-term benefits.

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Changes to Fall 2020 Course Instruction

Changes to the fall 2020 course schedule were made for the health and safety of our College community due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you enrolled in fall 2020 courses before June 27, you may have changes to your schedule. Learn more on instructional models and course changes.

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MCC-Penn Valley - 12-Weeks

ENGL 90 Foundations of College Writing II3 Cr.
ENGL 101 Composition & Reading I3 Cr.
ENGL 102 Composition & Reading II3 Cr.
ESL 16 Novice II: Speaking and Listening3 Cr.
ESL 17 Novice II: Reading and Vocabulary3 Cr.
ESL 18 Novice II: Grammar3 Cr.
ESL 19 Novice II: Composition3 Cr.
ESL 27 Intermediate I: Reading and Vocabulary3 Cr.
ESL 29 Intermediate I: Composition3 Cr.
ESL 37 Intermediate II: Reading and Vocabulary3 Cr.
ESL 39 Intermediate II: Composition3 Cr.
ESL 46 Advanced I: Speaking and Listening3 Cr.
ESL 47 Advanced I: Reading and Vocabulary3 Cr.
ESL 48 Advanced I: Grammar3 Cr.
ESL 49 Advanced I: Composition3 Cr.
ESL 56 Advanced II: Speaking and Listening3 Cr.
ESL 57 Advanced II: Reading and Vocabulary3 Cr.
ESL 58 Advanced II: Grammar3 Cr.
ESL 59 Advanced II: Composition3 Cr.
HIST 121 United States History since 18653 Cr.
MATH 31 Pre-College Mathematics3 Cr.
MATH 95 Algebra Principles5 Cr.
PHIL 100 Introduction to Philosophy3 Cr.
READ 10 Foundations for Academic Reading I3 Cr.
READ 11 Foundations for Academic Reading II3 Cr.
SOCI 160 Sociology3 Cr.