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Professional Nursing

RNUR 138 - Nursing Care of Women and Neonates (4 credits)

Prerequisite: PSYC 243, RNUR 126, RNUR 131 & BIOL 208 (BIOL 208 can be taken concurrently) & Admission to the Professional Nursing program. This is a sixteen-week nursing course focusing on nursing care of women and neonates. The course is designed to provide a holistic view of women and their health-related self-care practices. While major emphasis is place upon providing experiences in meeting the basic needs of the family during the childbearing years, women's changing health care requirements throughout her lifetime are also addressed. Communication with women, mothers, and significant others is emphasized. Developmental tasks of neonate, adolescent, and adult are identified. The nursing process is utilized in the clinical setting to determine needs and related interventions for childbearing women, neonates, and support systems. Emphasis is placed on incorporating teaching-learning needs as part of the plan of care for the cultural diverse family.

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Last Modified: 3/18/19