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Welcome back the the CTAC site! For those of you who have linked to our resources before, we are so glad you found us again.  (The explanation for what happened can be found below)  For those of you just finding our resources, we have been on the Web for sixteen years (since 1994) providing Critical Thinking resources to our fellow educators.  I have not had much time to update the resources on these pages due to an increased teaching load, but I do hope to further polish the resources as I can.  With the impending retirement of Doug Washer, I will remain as the sole administrator of this site and it's resources for the time being. 

 Now, what happened?

In the fall of 2009 the web directors of the Metropolitan Community Colleges integrated all of the individual campus sites into one web site for the entire district.  One of the major changes was that all related sites run by MCC would have the same look and feel and share common navigation elements to ease the user experience of the site.  

Problem was, they integrated the CTAC site into the overall web presence for MCC and neglected to tell the adminstrators of the site of the changes.   In addition my editorial access to the pages was removed. I have just been given access to edit these pages again after a very frustrating 9 months and will try to get to work on some of the errors that were introduced in the move.  Hopefully I can add back in the "Who's Who" page where we listed the confirmed sites or individuals who were linking to our resources.  Please be patient with us as we update things - if you notice an error or have a change or addition to recommend, please don't hesitate to send me an e-mail at the address below.   

Thanks for your patience and your e-mails which alerted me to the change.  


Peace,  Michael Connelly, M.A.  

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