Engineering Technology

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Program Overview

Campus Location(s):Business & Technology
Contact: Civil, Architectural, Mechanical focus:
Mike Cline, 816.604.5281
Electronics, Computers & Electronics focus:
Joseph Roche, 816.604.5281

Degree Awarded


Engineering technicians and technologists are key members of a team who focus on applying engineering and technology to solutions, whereas engineers focus on theoretical thinking. They work with engineers, designers, physical scientist or planners.

Our program provides five areas of interest.

Civil engineering

Civil engineering techs help plan, design and oversee construction and maintenance of efficient structures and facilities including skyscrapers, bridges, roads and infrastructure. They work with steel, wood, concrete, earth as well as advanced construction materials.


Architectural engineering techs apply engineering principles and technical skills to develop efficient buildings and related systems, such as lighting and communications systems.

Mechanical and manufacturing

Mechanical engineering techs deal with all technology of the past, present and future. They help modify, develop and test machinery and equipment and are involved with research, test, development or production.

Electronics and computers

Electronics and computer techs help design, build and produce computerized electronic equipment and create the next generation electronic devices. They lay out, build, test and increase efficiency of electronic components of devices and systems.

Construction Management

Construction engineering techs use their broad understanding of building materials and building methods to plan, design, and orchestrate the construction of roads, bridges, skyscrapers, homes, damns, stadiums and more.

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