Dual Credit and Dual Enrollment

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Earn college credit while in high school with dual credit or dual enrollment.

If you're a good student, you can earn college credit for a course held at your high school (dual credit) or at an MCC campus (dual enrollment). You'll earn credit, get a chance to experience college, get a head start on a degree, reduce college cost and avoid repeating course material.


If you have completed or nearly completed high school, dual-credit courses let you take MCC courses at your high school! They are basically the same courses we have on campuses. Most courses are taught by high school teachers who meet the same qualifications as our own part-time faculty.


If you want to give college a try while in high school, you can take a class at an MCC campus near you and start your college career. You'll get both high school and college credit! Credits earned will transfer the same as other MCC credits.


To take these courses, you must have a minimum GPA, satisfactory scores on subject matter tests and placement tests in English, reading and math and be recommended by your high school principal or counselor. If you are a freshmen or sophomore, you must meet all published eligibility requirements. You must also meet the course requirements, including prerequisites or testing.

You'll get support

As a dual-credit or dual-enrollment student, you'll have access to our on-campus services such as counseling and advising, library services, learning support (tutoring) and student activities.

The cost

Dual-credit tuition and fees may be different from those set for on-campus courses, but they are the same for all in-district high schools. Dual enrollment tuition and fees are the same as any other classes held on campus.

  • MCC-Blue River: Steven Johnson, 816.604.6563
  • MCC-Business & Technology: Tom Wheeler, 816.604.5240
  • MCC-Longview: Gurbhushan Singh (Dual Credit) 816.604.2207;
    Christine Atkinson (Dual Enrollment) 816.604.2362
  • MCC-Maple Woods: Early College Team, 816.604.3045
  • MCC-Penn Valley: Tarana Chapple, 816.604.4332
  • Fran Padow, 816.604.1081
Last Modified: 6/11/15