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Risk Management

Risk Management is important to the success of any business.  Risk management is designed to reduce or eliminate the risk from events that can have an impact on business.

Risk management identifies, assesses, and prioritizes the different types of risk a business may encounter.  These risks include; injuries, fires, tornadoes, security, data storage, credit risks, and lawsuits.

To prevent risk, risk managers create a plan to minimize or eliminate the impact of negative events.  Many strategies are available to minimize or eliminate these risks, but depend on the type of risk and the type of business.  At the Institute for Workforce Innovation, we can help you minimize and eliminate those risks.  One way is through courses offered by the OSHA Training Institute Education Center and our new courses in Risk Management and Environmental Management.

See our wide selection of courses that help you protect your business and your employees.

Safety, Health, & Environmental Risk Management Classes Available Classes Available

Hours: 24

The purpose of this course is to provide students with a global focus on risk management identification and control. The course will provide an overview of risk management, examine key elements of the risk management process, provide tools for identifying the cost of risk and how to prioritize, manage, and control risk. This course will also enhance the student¿s knowledge of various risk transfer tools, contracts, insurance, and self-funding. The course will use breakout sessions to work on risk management problems, class discussion and instructor resources.

Fee: $0

OSHA 7500 Introduction to Safety and Health Management

Hours: 8

The focus of this one-day seminar is the effective implementation of a company's safety and health management system. The workshop addresses the four core elements of an effective safety and health system and those central issues that are critical to each element's proper management.

Fee: $225

OSHA 7505 Introduction to Accident Investigation

Hours: 12

This 1 ½ day course provides an introduction to basic accident investigation procedures and describes accident analysis techniques. The goal of the course is to help participants gain the basic skills necessary to conduct an effective accident investigation at their workplace. The target audience is the small employer, manager, employee or employee representative who, as part of a firm's safety and health system, would be involved in conducting accident and/or near miss investigations. Topics include the primary reasons for conducting an accident investigation, employer responsibilities related to workplace accident investigations, and a six-step accident investigation procedure. The course is set up as a facilitated, interactive training session focusing on class discussion and group activities.

Fee: $335

OSHA 7510 OSHA for Small Business

Hours: 8

This course will introduce owners and managers of small businesses on meeting OSHA safety and health standards and how to prevent illnesses and reduce injuries in the workplace. Topics include OSHA recordkeeping, disaster preparedness, OSHA inspections, lock-out/tag-out, hazard communication and other program requirements.

Fee: $210

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