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Members of the Institutional Research and Assessment team:
 Kristy Bishop, Ph.D.,
Director of Research and Assessment
Phone 816.604.1165
Senior Research Analyst
Phone 816.604.1492
Jennifer Arth, B.M.E.,
Research Analyst
Tami Knight, M.S.,
Research Analyst
Phone 816.604.1345
FOCUS Grant Assessment Coordinator
Phone: 816.604.1138
MOWINS Assessment Coordinator
Phone: 816.604.1482
Office Fax: 816.759.1158

Institutional Research & Assessment: Enrollment

Factbooks reflect Metropolitan Community College enrollment at the on-schedule state aid day (25% into the semester). Ethnic affiliations, age group, gender, enrollment type, student goals, degree seeking, non-degree seeking, and age groups by market group tables are displayed.

Five years of data is displayed for comparison at the same time each year (on-schedule state aid day). The campus data are based upon attendance, and a student may attend multiple campuses.

All files are in PDF format:

Factbooks for 2009 to 2014

MCC Districtwide:  Summer   Fall   Spring

MCC-Blue River:  Summer   Fall   Spring

MCC-Business and Technology:  Summer   Fall  Spring

MCC-Longview:  Summer   Fall   Spring

MCC-Maple Woods:  Summer   Fall   Spring

MCC-Penn Valley:  Summer   Fall   Spring

MCC-Online Courses: Summer   Fall   Spring




Fall 2011
Fall 2012
Fall 2013


Spring 2012
Spring 2013
Spring 2014


Degrees and Certificates:  Academic years 2009-2010 through 2013-2014:

MCC Districtwide

MCC-Blue River

MCC-Business & Technology


MCC-Maple Woods

MCC-Penn Valley

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