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Institutional Research & Assessment: Enrollment

Factbooks reflect Metropolitan Community College enrollment at the on-schedule state aid day (25% into the semester). Ethnic affiliations, age group, gender, enrollment type, student goals, degree seeking, non-degree seeking, and age groups by market group tables are displayed.

Five years of data is displayed for comparison at the same time each year (on-schedule state aid day). The campus data are based upon attendance, and a student may attend multiple campuses.

All files are in PDF format:

Factbooks for 2010 to 2015

MCC Districtwide:  Summer  Fall  Spring

MCC-Blue River:  Summer   Fall  Spring

MCC-Business and Technology:  Summer   Fall  Spring

MCC-Longview:  Summer   Fall   Spring

MCC-Maple Woods:  Summer   Fall   Spring

MCC-Penn Valley:  Summer   Fall   Spring

MCC-Online Courses: Summer   Fall   Spring




Fall 2011
Fall 2012
Fall 2013
Fall 2014


Spring 2012
Spring 2013
Spring 2014

Spring 2015


Degrees and Certificates:  Academic years 2010-2011 through 2014-2015:

MCC Districtwide

MCC-Blue River

MCC-Business & Technology


MCC-Maple Woods

MCC-Penn Valley

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