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Maple Woods Counseling

Counseling for many people carries a negative meaning.  Students tend to look at counseling from a place of “I’m broken and I need you to fix me!”  Then, they imagine the cliché of a counselor sitting with their legs crossed, with them lying down on a couch, pouring out their feelings…and the counselor, channeling Dr. Phil, asks, “…And how is that working out for you?” 

We have comfortable chairs, aromatherapy, tissues, and candy! And if you really want the FULL experience, we can provide someone who’ll cross their legs and ask you, “…And how is that working out for you?”  However, counseling is so much more than that!  Here in the MCC-Maple Woods Counseling Center, we have created a safe place.  Everything that you discuss is confidential.  Our promise to you is to address your needs in a nonjudgmental, accepting and comforting manner.  We can help you meet your immediate crisis or basic needs, but we can also help you be proactive about your future.

Our goal here is not to fix you. You are not broken.  We are, however, here to reach out to you; to teach you different approaches; to empower you so that you will make better, smarter decisions; and to celebrate with you when you reach those milestones.  Give us a moment of your time and we will give you a wealth of information that will better equip you to navigate this bumpy road called life.

We are a click or call away from delivering the help you need.

Last Modified: 10/20/14